Thursday, August 30, 2012

All Because Two People Fell In Love

Unfortunately for those two people (well, at least one of them), it wasn't with each other.

One day my roommate Dani came in with a ficus named Felix, and my life would change subtly but permanently.

Turns out, this cute little plant was a gift from her boy friend.  I put a space there because they were friends, and he was a boy, but he wasn't her boyfriend.  It's significant because he wanted to be, and he gave her the plant when he asked her if he could take the space out.

As a symbol of her rejection, she decided to let the plant die by starvation.  My other roommate Selena and I didn't know there was any meaning to the drooping plant on our kitchen table.  We just saw a plant that needed love.  And so we began watering him.  He grew and grew and grew.  Selena even bought Miracle Gro and put it in the pot.  I think Dani was a little disappointed that the ficus kept growing despite her intentional negligence, but you know what?  Life will find a way.  Life always finds a way, and our Felix was a fighter.

Selena and Dani moved away, but I have continued to raise Felix as my own.  He likes the sunny spot on the balcony of my current apartment, and I look forward to coming home to see how he's doing.  Every day he grows stronger and taller, and I am so proud of the ficus he has become.

All because two people fell in love.  Boy (big space) friend fell in love with Dani, and I fell in love with Felix.

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  1. bahahaha this is hilarious!! i completely forgot about felix! oh my gosh, i can't stop laughing. hysterical. thank you for reminding me of this funny memory :)